Return and Exchange

Service Pledge


We pledge that all goods sold by them are “overseas genuine guaranteed goods, directly supplied from overseas, local return”, creating a more efficient cross-border shopping experience for you, and allowing you to easily purchase international merchandise without leaving your home, and giving you a convenient and a worry-free experience!

Genuine Goods Guarantee 

We pledge that all their goods are original and geniune overseas goods, and pledge to provide “Genuine Goods Guarantee” services. 


What are “Genuine Goods Guarantee” services?

When shopping at the International platform, where goods purchased by Buyers are legally determined to be counterfeit goods or non-original, non-genuine goods, the Buyer has the right to raise a complaint against the Merchant within ninety (90) days of the completed transaction, and apply for “Genuine Goods Guarantee” compensation. The compensation amount will be limited to “refund one (1) and compensate four (4) + delivery costs borne by the Buyer” calculated in accordance with the actual price of the goods paid by the Buyer.


Conditions for a Buyer to apply for the“Genuine Goods Guarantee” compensation

A Buyer identifies a we when applying for compensation;

A Buyer should apply for the “Genuine Goods Guarantee” compensation within ninety (90) days of the completed transaction; and

A Buyer’s compensation application complies with relevant laws and regulations and International’s rules and provisions.


A Buyer can provide legitimate and valid counterfeits examine certificates (including but not limited to: counterfeits examine certificate issued by right owner; counterfeits judgment or ruling issued by relative judicial or enforcement authorities.

“Genuine Goods Guarantee” Compensation Application Procedure  

Upon receipt of a Buyer’s “Genuine Goods Guarantee” compensation application, International has the right to require the parties to the transaction to provide necessary proof to make a determination according to the actual situation.


Where International, in accordance with relevant rules, determines that the Buyer’s application for “Genuine Goods Guarantee” compensation is valid, International will deduct the corresponding amount from the Merchant’s security deposit as a refund to the Buyer.


 Supplied Directly from Overseas


  It means that overseas commodities sold by are all high-quality goods directly supplied from overseas. After consumers place orders, commodities are delivered from regions or countries other than Mainland China in the way of international logics or from tariff-free zones in China, and logistics firms offer the complete logistic status information from merchants’places of dispatch to consumer destinations. (As for goods sold to regions and countries other than Mainland China, no specific way of delivery is required compulsorily, but logistic information should be traceable.)

After the Customs are cleared via general trade, each commodity is provided with a traceability code for tracing information such as country of origin, country of departure, import port, customs declaration/inspection form number, and importer so as to guarantee overseas original production or overseas original package. After consumers make orders, merchants can dispatch such goods from Mainland China in the way of domestic logistics. 


II. Service Guarantee

1. Any merchant that has promised to provide the “Overseas Direct Supply” but failed to perform it properly must compensate the consumer as follows:


1)    return the actual amount of transaction and all other costs incurred by the transaction and resulted dispute(s); 

2)    pay another compensation that is the same amount of actual amount of transaction to the consumer, and undertake all logistics costs for purchasing and returning the merchandise. 

III. Consumer complaints

Consumers should present valid credentials to when submitting complaints about fake “Overseas Direct Supply” commodities, including but not limited to logistics cover sheets, logistics circulation records, etc.


Overseas merchants undertake to provide customers with local return addresses. After a customer and a merchant reach an agreement, returns can be made to a designated location, which means that a merchant selling commodities to Mainland China should offer a designated return address in Mainland China; a merchant selling commodities to Hong Kong should offer a designated return address in Hong Kong; and a merchant selling commodities to Taiwan should offer a designated return address in Taiwan, thus ensuring that the customer’s after-sale services are guaranteed, and that he / she may enjoy a worry-free shopping experience.